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Book keeping & Cloud Accounting

You wouldn’t expect a construction company to build a house without the necessary foundations being laid first would you? At 1 for All Accounting Accounting Angels Ltd, we can help you lay these foundations.

Good solid bookkeeping creates the sturdy foundations required for a bullet proof accounts system. Without the bookkeeping, it is near impossible to create a true and fair picture of the financial position of a business.

Bookkeeping is so much more than entering income and expenses to a spreadsheet but it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of systems to help keep your financial records up to date. To be able to bookkeep manually gives a sound knowledge and understanding making the use of software much easier.

Who is in control?

We can work with you and train you how to use cloud based and desk software packages such as Sage, Quickbooks or Xero which will give you up to date positions on your financial situation if used correctly. If this seems too daunting, we can take away the bookkeeping burden and prepare this on your behalf.. Whether it’s cloud or desktop based, we can help you manage your bookkeeping so that you are in control of your finances from quotation right through to reconciling your monthly financial position.

Is it costly?

Cloud Accounting is the new way forward and will prepare you for the governments new legislation in making tax digital which is about to become mandatory in 2019* (please see our separate page for more details). Not everyone is a fan of cloud accounting and therefore we are happy to prepare your bookkeeping for you. Any bookkeeping prepared by us would not incur any software costs to you, but would attract a service cost. Cloud Accounting usually comes with a monthly subscription fee payable directly to the software company whereas, desktop software is purchased outright with an option to purchase any updates required on an annual basis. Any work carried out by us would also incur a service cost. Where you have prepared your own bookkeeping however with no input from us, this would not attract any service costs.

If cloud accounting is required, then we can access your bookkeeping remotely via invitation. Any access required via Desktop bookkeeping would be accessed through emailed or other external sources of backup. Any bookkeeping solely prepared by us would not incur software costs to you but would attract a service cost.

At 1 For All Accounting, the Angels can:

  • Train you or staff to use desktop or cloud based software so that you are in control
  • Take away the burden of the bookkeeping preparation and manage this for you
  • Keep you updated on software available
  • Suggest new ways and ideas of presenting you bookkeeping
  • Keep your bookkeeping costs to a minimum

A successful accounts system starts with the foundations. Correct bookkeeping is the fundamental ingredient to an effective and tax efficient business. Call us now so we can help you build your future!