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Community Accounting

Community organisations play an integral and important part in the community. Whether CICs, CASCs or Charities, it is important that the finances for these these not for profit organisations are reported correctly.

Not for profit Organisations such as CASCs, CICs and Charities rely mainly on funding streams to fund the day to day running of their business. They are usually run by Trustees, or Directors (usually by guarantee) and provide services for community benefit and interest. Like incorporated businesses they are required to provide a certain format to their reporting and usually also have to list any restricted or ‘ring fenced’ income separately. This is income that has been granted for a specific expense.

How can we help?

We can prepare the financial statements in the required formats and submit to the required organisations such as HMRC, Companies House and Charities Commission. We can also attend any AGMs or other meetings where the accounts are discussed to explain our reports.

Can we help with funding?

Our professional staff have experience in sourcing and completing funding applications and we are happy to assist with securing any funding.

The Angels can help your organisation:

  • Prepare the trial balance and financial statements from the bookkeeping and management accounts
  • Submit them to HMRC, Companies House and Charities Commission where necessary
  • As part of the service for accounts preparation we will prepare your confirmation statement (formerly the Annual Return) and file to Companies House where applicable
  • Help decide whether to set up your not for profit organisation as a CASC, CIC or Charity
  • Keep your bookkeeping costs to a minimum
  • Set up the not for profit organisation with the appropriate regulatory body
  • We have a wealth of experience in community accounting and can help and advise with funding streams and applications.