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Starting Your Own Business

Thinking about starting a business? Not sure which way to go? Not sure how to do it? Our consultations are free of charge, so why not come and see us for a cup of tea or coffee and chat with one of our friendly advisers.

Starting your own business can be a stressful time, we were there once too! Processes... premises... equipment... staff... marketing... the law! No matter your industry, location or long-term goals, job número uno is SURVIVAL! Cash-flow is king, the life source of any business… and the source of most stress. So why add it to your plate? Let us help you with the all the numbers stuff so you can keep your head in the game and focus on what you do best, being the heart and soul of your new venture.

How The Angels Can Help

Our team has more years’ experience than we would like to talk about. Working with start-ups and established businesses planning for new ventures across many industries. We know this is both an exciting and scary time for any would-be business owner, so we put all our years and grey hairs to work to help you prepare yourself and your business for the big-wide-world awaiting.

We can help you prepare:

  • Cash-flow Forecasts
  • Budgets
  • Costings
  • Tax & VAT Registration
  • What’s The Next Step

Request a call below and we will drop you a call in the next day or two to book you in for a relaxed sit down with one of our start-up advisers, who will go through your business idea with you in detail and between you, establish your business’ finance requirements and the steps that need to be taken. Once we each have our respective to-do-lists we can all get to work toward preparing your business for opening day and beyond.