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Taxation is so much more than what we owe from our earned income! We live in a universe where there is tax for almost everything! At 1 for All Accounting Angels Ltd, we will ensure that you do not overpay your taxes whilst ensuring that they are accurate and correct.

The most common forms of tax in the UK are:

  • VAT
  • PAYE
  • CIS
  • Personal Tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Tax on Personal Service Companies

Why is Tax important?

The government will tell us that tax is important to ensure that we live in a fair and stable country. Our taxes form part of the income used by the government to invest back into the country for everyone’s benefit. No one likes paying too much tax and the topic forms many controversial conversation.

Do I need to pay tax?

Everyone in the UK is an eligible personal tax payer from the minute they are born. Personal allowances are given by the government which is an amount everyone in the UK is allowed to earn before paying tax. No one likes paying tax or paying too much tax and it is our job to ensure that our clients pay the correct amount for their earnings. This sometimes means that our clients pay very little or no tax at all. In other circumstances it may mean that our clients are presented with a tax liability whether it is personal tax or one of the other taxes that are available. We calculate tax based on the information provided to us. We have a very ethical approach to all of services including tax and it is our job to ensure that our clients do not pay too much tax whilst paying the correct amount.

At 1 For All Accounting, the Angels can help you:

  • Advise on taxes including those listed above
  • Forecast tax liabilities and ensure our clients are claiming the correct capital allowances, and other reliefs
  • Calculate tax and submit the related returns for those taxes listed above

Our ideas are bright, our answers are black and white. If you want a proactive plain sailing firm of accountants, then jump aboard with the 1 For All accounting Angels Ltd!